Nantong sanjing glassware labaratary Co.,Ltd. is a large-scaled domestic enterprise engaged in chemical glass pipe and equipment production. The Company has certain influence and status in China in terms of production technique, technique equipment, research and development competence and product quality and output. Its yearly production capacity: glass pipe of all types: over 300,000; glass valves: over 40,000; 1-3M2 coil condenser: over 20,000; 1-15 M2 pipe bundle condensers: over 1000; supporting adapting pieces: 400,000; whole set 1-100L double-layered glass reaction kettle: more than 2000; rotational evaporimeter: over 10000; it has over 100 varieties in several supporting series. Its products are widely used in biology, pharmaceutical chemical industry, fuel, pesticide, precious metal and new materials that are sold far and wide in the country and the world as a whole. Its products are widely trusted and praised by both domestic and overseas users.


Nantong sanjing glassware labaratary Co.,Ltd.

Address: Caobu Industry Park, Rudong County, Nantong, Jiangsu.

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Chongqing office

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